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Tour 16

Cologne / Limburg

A foundation of the ancient Romans, a flourishing trading venue in the Middle Ages and a vivid cosmopolitan metropolis in present days: Come with us to discover the 2000 years old city of Cologne.

Whether you are interested in the relics of Cologne’s importance in Ancient Romans times (the famous Dionysos mosaic, the Praetorium, the Roman Germanic Museum) or the testimonies of the medieval urban life displayed by the mighty city gates and fantastic churches, or the outstanding modern art collections: Cologne is a hotspot of art, culture and modern life in our country.

Our round-trip in a local double-decker bus shows you the large diversity of this city and a walk through the central pedestrian areas reveals its lively and vibrant atmosphere.

Without doubt, the greatest attraction is the Cathedral of Cologne, one of the largest and most beautiful Gothic cathedrals in Europe. The foundation stone was laid in 1248, but the building was only completed in 1880. More than 6 Million visitors a year come to see this magnificent architectural masterpiece.

On our way back we will make a little stop in Limburg, which has a beautiful medieval city part worth to visit.


Departure point of all tours:
Wiesenhüttenplatz 39
60329 Frankfurt/Main
(close to Central Station)

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Departure, daily:

9:30 h

Return, approx.:

18:30 h

Rate per person:

€ 205,00


€ 115,00
per child
(up to 12 years)

Rate includes:

* english speaking assistence
* lunchbox
* Cologne City Tour

pick up / return service from / to your hotel in Frankfurt:
€ 10,00 per person / way

Our Tip!

Cologne as well as Limburg are well known as cities with outstanding shopping possibilities.