Guides und AssistenzenGuides and AssistancesGuías y AsistenciaГиды и ассистенты ガイド&アシスタント指导和协助투어가이드와 여행인솔자 안내Guides et assistanceGuias e assistênciaGuide e Assistenzaहोटल्स और कोंन्फेरेंस रूम्स
מדריכים ועוזריםGuider og assistenterإرشادات سياحية و تسهيلات

Guides and Assistances

Among the broad range of our services also counts the provision of qualified accompanying or guiding staff.
Airport Assistance for arrival or departure services to lead the customer safely, hassle free and in time to their car or coach curbside, the correct gate for the check in procedures or the platform of their train.

On major events they will be there to gather all participants from different flights or trains and guide them directly to their designed meeting points or vehicles for onward transportation.
You can also book with us multilingual assistances for hospitality desks at hotels or conference /meeting locations. Assistances can be provided in all major languages.
For any sightseeing trip – if privately arranged or travelling with a group – we offer you knowledgeable, multilingual driver guides and guides. They will tell you about your destination, historical background and actual importance. They can show you the places that are really worth to see, accompany to restaurants, indoor visits or simply entertain you during some hours or a day of leisure. Such service is available in all major languages too.

In addition, you may ask for specialists and experts in very specific fields:if it is about museum visits, technical or industrial site inspections, trade and business matters or subjects of art and culture.