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Tour 11
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Heidelberg-/Rhine combination

This full day tour is the combination of our tour no. 10 (Heidelberg City) and tour no. 2 (Halfday Rhine Valley):

Start off with romantic Heidelberg on this delightful tour combination. Known as one of the most beautiful cities in Germany, Heidelberg lies on the River Neckar and it is an everlasting favorite among international tourists.
Explore of the world famous castle (partially in ruins) with its impressing Gothic and Renaissance buildings.
We show you the large courtyard, the mighty terrace and one of the largest wine barrels in the world, the “Heidelberg Tun”. Take a walk in the medieval town center and marvel at the Old Bridge, Karlstor, the Church of the Holy Spirit, House of the Knights with its precious Renaissance facade and small lanes with half-timbered houses.
The city hosts the oldest university of Germany.

Leave Heidelberg and continue to the Rhine River Valley – an area UNESCO counts to the World Heritage of Mankind: vineyards, charming little vineyards, villages and mighty medieval castles more than anywhere else in the world. Take a boat trip on a Rhine steamer alongside the famous river panorama up to Kaub, followed by a wine tasting in a little tavern.
In a lovely restaurant right by the riverbanks you will enjoy a delicious dinner, which is also included.

Rhine Valley

Departure point of all tours:
Wiesenhüttenplatz 39
60329 Frankfurt/Main
(close to Central Station)

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City of Heidelberg
Rhine Steamer Boat
beautiful Rhine Valley Restaurant


9.30 am

(23.3. - 04.11.2018)

Return (approx.):

9:00 pm

Rate per person:

€ 158,00

Rate per child (up to 12 yrs)

€ 120,00

Tour includes:

* english speaking tour guide
* lunchbox
* entrance fees castle
* rhine steamer cruise
* dinner
* winetasting

pick up / return service from / to your hotel in Frankfurt:
€ 10,00 per person / way

Tour in different languages by earphones possible:
€ 5,00 per person